Macomb Twp. Parks and Recreation Special Events Survey

1. Event Date:

2. Event Name:

3. Overall, how would you rate the event?

ExcellentVery goodFairly goodMildly goodNot good at all

4. How likely are you to recommend the event to a friend?

Very LikelySomewhat LikelyNot LikelyNot at All

5. What did you like about this event?

6. What did you dislike about the event?

7. How much value for the money was the event?

A great deal of valueA lot of valueA moderate amount of valueLittle valueAlmost no value at all

8. How unique was the event?

Extremely uniqueVery uniqueFairly uniqueSlightly uniqueNot at all unique

9. How organized was the event

Extremely organizedVery organizedSomewhat organizedSlightly organizedNot at all organized

10. How clean was the event?

Extremely cleanVery cleanSomewhat cleanSlightly cleanNot at all clean

11. How friendly was the staff?

Extremely friendlyVery friendlySomewhat friendlySlightly friendlyNot at all friendly

12. How helpful was the staff?

Extremely helpfulVery helpfulSomewhat helpfulSlightly helpfulNot at all helpful

13. How safe did you feel at the event?

Extremely safeVery safeSomewhat safeSlightly safeNot at all safe

14. Prior to the event, how much of the information that you needed did you get?

All of the informationMost of the informationSome of the informationA little of the informationNone of the information

15. Was the event length too long, too short, or about right?

Much too longSomewhat too longSlightly too longAbout rightSlightly too shortSomewhat too shortMuch too short

16. Is there anything else you’d like to share about the event?