Fitness Classes at the Macomb Township Recreation Center

Aerobics and Fitness Classes at the Macomb Township Recreation CenterThe M.T.R.C. offers a wide variety of fitness classes suitable for all ages and abilities. Patrons can expect to find a diverse range of classes offering everything from low-impact, easy to follow workouts, on up to more advanced, high-impact workouts.  If you have not yet tried one of our classes here at the M.T.R.C.  we encourage you to do so.


  • Affordable registration fees.
  • Experienced & certified class instructors.
  • Flexibility to attend other classes with your punch card.
  • Risk Free Trial.


Boot Camp – Get in the best shape of your life with this high energy total body workout. We incorporate core strength training, cardio, plyometrics, body weight exercises, along with speed and agility. You’ll get leaner and stronger as you shed the fat and build muscle. This class is challenging and geared for people who want results fast! Please bring a mat and weights to class. 

Gentle Yoga: Beginners & Seniors – This yoga class is suitable for people of all ages, but can be especially helpful for seniors. Ideal for beginners of any age or the more experienced students who see a slower paced, less strenuous class.  This class will help revitalize your body, relax your mind, and reduce stress with slow, gentle poses to increase your strength and flexibility.  Please bring a Yoga mat to class.

Yoga Weight Loss/Healthy Backs – This is an intermediate yoga class using slow stretches, muscle control, and flowing sequences to raise heart rate and metabolism. Change the way you use your breath to calm the body and the mind as you achieve a more peaceful mind on and off the mat.  Please bring a Yoga mat to class.

Zumba – Is a Latin inspired high & low intensity workout mixed with dance and fitness moves that are sure to make you sweat.  Zumba is designed to give you a great time and a great body. 

Zumba Gold – Easy to follow fun & energizing dance fitness program that lets you move to the beat at your own speed.  Zumba Gold focuses on improving balance, range of motion and coordination.  A great class for seniors and beginners.

Barr’e – It’s here, Pilates meets Ballet. Burn fat, tone & lengthen your muscles to create a lean and beautiful body. Lift your tush, tighten and sculpt your arms, abs, legs and derrie’re with relev’es, pli’es!  Barr’e is a great class to try if you are looking to change up your fitness routine and try something new.  All Fitness levels are welcome, 50 min class & No experience required.  Please bring a set of light weights to class (1-3 lbs).

Pound – Pound workout is a jam session inspired by the energizing, infectious, sweat dripping fun of playing the drums.  A fusion of cardio, strength training, Pilates, and HIIT techniques, ramped up with the super hip elements of drumming.  Participants drum along with the instructor engaging multiple muscle groups and raising the heart rate.  Come see what this new and very popular class is all about.

Interval Training – This workout alternates segments of cardio and weight training that will have your heart pumping and your muscles screaming. Simple, yet challenging moves that will maximize your calorie burning by raising and lowering your heart rate.  All fitness levels welcome.  Please bring a mat and weights to class.

Circuit Blast – Jump from station to station for an intense calorie burning and strength training workout utilizing medicine balls, bosus, bands, TRX, bar bells and more. You will leave sweating and shredding those unwanted pounds. All fitness levels welcome.  Please bring a mat to class.

Cardio Mix – Our most popular class!  Class incorporates a mixture of cardio, kickboxing, interval training, and total body-sculpting. You will get maximum results with this class. Please bring a mat and weights to class.

Strength & Tone – This non-impact, easy to follow workout utilizes light weights to tone and shape the body. This class will help you build bone density, increase your metabolism and create more lean muscle. All fitness levels welcome. Please bring a mat and weights to class.

Super Saturday Cardio Fusion – Get ready for this ultimate cardio & body-sculpting workout. It’s time to tighten and tone every inch of your body with this fat blasting workout.  Please bring a mat and weights to class.

Forever Fit – Low impact, easy to follow exercises for all fitness levels ages 55 and over. There is an emphasis on strengthening and stretching the body to help build bone density and improve balance. It’s never too late to start feeling great!  Please bring a mat to class.

Water Aerobics – See aquatics program page 7 of R.E.A.C.H. brochure.


How Aerobics Punch Cards Work

  1. Punch cards are issued to all registered participants in classes except for Forever Fit.
  2. Punch cards will be picked up at the front desk during the first week of class.
  3. Punch cards are interchangeable and can be used to attend other classes that are listed on the backside of the punch card.
  4. Punch cards must be presented and left at the check-in desk in order to be admitted into the building and accounted for.
  5. Punch cards will be punched during class and available to you for pickup at your class location when class concludes.
  6. YOU MUST HAVE A PUNCH CARD TO ATTEND CLASS. If you are planning on attending an aerobics class with your punch card other than the one you registered for or as a daily drop-in, please call to be sure the class is running and was not cancelled due to low enrollment.

Fitness Class Policies

  • Participants who register after the registration date will be assessed a late fee per class.
  • Mail-in registrations postmarked on or before these dates will not be assessed this fee.
  • Late registration fee will be assessed to all registering participants after the above indicated dates and times.
  • Decisions regarding the running or cancellation of classes due to low enrollment are made at the 12:00pm registration deadline of each session.
  • Aerobics class punch cards are non-transferable and may only be used by the person the card was issued to.
  • Participants who are currently registered and wish to register for an additional card during session for the same priced class will not be assessed the late fee.
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